Services Offered

web design and hosting
No matter your business, you need a solid online presence. Let me help you create and maintain your marketing so you can concentrate on what you do best.
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video production
Everyone has a story to tell, and the best way to gain traction for your story is through video. Let me help bring your vision into a reality.
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Whether you have a product to sell, a gig for promo materials, need a head shot or a full session, let me be your creative inspiration.
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video conversion
Do you have a bunch of old VHS or 8mm tapes laying around? Let me convert those to a digital format so you can cherish them forever.
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dvd duplication
Do you have a band master CD you want duplicated? Do you have a family reunion coming up that you need some home video DVDs copied? I can help you with that.
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computer repair
Is your computer break down or do you just need a hard drive or RAM upgrade? Let me assist you with making your machine last you a little longer.
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hardware and software education
Are you struggling learning the latest Microsoft Office application? How about wanting to make a video slideshow and not sure where to start? I can help you with that.
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audio production
Do you need a radio ad? How about a voice over for a video? Or perhaps a walking tour of a historic site? I can help write and record your script.
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Does your business need a new logo? How about a brochure or flyer to broadcast your next big idea? Are your menus worn out and in need of a good facelift? Let me bring your branding into the next realm.
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