Video Production

Promotional Video
Your promotional video is as vital as your business card to introduce and create excitement about your company’s products and services. Video also has many purposes within your business, ranging from training employees to targeted marketing. Video augments your existing marketing materials with music, voice and visual representation of what you can do for your customers.

Documentary Video
Businesses and organizations spend large amounts of money for training, promotional and special events, and fund raisers. Documentation of these live events serves multiple purposes from creating raw material for re-purposing in video to allowing information to be shared long distance or after-the-fact with employees, volunteers, or funders. Documenting expensive events stretches your budget and your reach.

Educational Video
Video has tremendous educational value in conjunction with more traditional educational formats. Video provides learners with an emotional experience that helps reinforce traditional teaching techniques, appeals to all learners, and benefits learners who respond best to aural and visual stimulation.

Motion Graphics
Many productions contain some content that doesn’t lend itself to videotaping and must be dynamically generated. That content might be logos, photographs, 3-D models, 2-D charts and graphs, and print information for opening titles, lower thirds, and closing credits. Give your production the professional look that comes from well-designed motion graphics.

Royal Family Kids is a five-day resident camp for abused, neglected and abandonded kids. At camp we provide these kids with positive experiences that will change their lives. Things such as “Everyone’s Birthday”. So often our kids have had bad or forgotten birthdays that shape how they see them themselves—unimportant. We want them to know how amazing and special each one of them are and this is one way we do it! Each child has their own cake, ice cream, presents, and there are games and fun activities too! Sometimes even special guests!
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Although this is an old video, I still show it because of the challenge it brought on. It was during a video production class in college that we were challenged to write, shoot, edit and showcase a three to four minute video in a three hour timeframe. I was lucky enough to be able to grab a young couple off of the streets of Chicago and run with my idea. I had 40 minutes of footage in the can and was able to edit the piece in under 30 minutes. Just making the deadline put a huge smile on my face and made me realize that I can most definately keep my calm with tight deadlines and turn out a pretty solid production.
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During open auditions to host the Discover Wisconsin tv series, I was given the opportunity to help a young woman give a try at her chance of fame. For this production I did it all: script, location scouting, producing, directing, audio engineer, camera operator, and post production. As there were over 4,000 entries, sadly she was not chosen; however, we had a blast with this project.
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This corporate video was a blast to work on. It challenged me to work within very strict branding guidelines, so it forced me to get creative in how to tell the story visually. I didn't want just a bunch of talking heads and full screen video, so I spent a lot of time in After Effects creating motion graphic bricks that I could change on the fly. This allowed me to reuse the elements in various spots but change the content within the graphics. I also wanted to keep the viewer engaged throughout, which is difficult with dry content such as a corporate video, so I used a lot of fast moving graphic elements and short screen times so the user wouldn't feel bored.
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This is a major fast-paced, sleepless assignment. There is a small team of video and still shooters that run around the grounds filming everything from bands, grounds and campers to the art tent, petting zoo and seminars. We take countless hours and still and create a daily recap video to be played just before the headliner. I am responsible for motion graphics, music selection, animations, camera operator, lighting, voice work and video editing.
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