Don't take my word for it, see what my customers have to say about my work

Catherine, Marketing Communications Professional
"In more instances than one, Jeff has gotten out of his way to accommodate his clients and deliver quality work under tight deadlines—all with a positive attitude and a delightful sense of humor. In my time working with Jeff, his design and digital know-how has truly brought our marketing communications to the next level. Jeff is a true team player and a leader in his field. Highly recommended"

Dia, Business Analyst
"As a colleague of Jeff's I"ve had the privilege to work with him on several projects. Jeff brings a level of creativity and professionalism to each job he works on. For five years, he has always provided consistent, high quality work and this is why I recommend him on a professional and personal level."

Joe, Independent Marketing, Communications and Media Consultant
"Having worked closely with Jeff on a variety of video, marketing and communications initiatives, I've witnessed first-hand Jeff's ability to pull off the impossible, even when faced with resource challenges. Jeff has been an integral part of a wide array of pressure cooker projects requiring diverse media expertise. His tenacity and creativity have helped to deliver marketing solutions to even the most demanding clients under tight deadlines and intense team dynamics."

Brenna, Sales Administration Project Manager
"Jeff is great to work with. Very detail orientated. Always delivers ahead of deadlines."

Joel, Senior Brand Strategist
"I had the pleasure of having Jeff assigned to a number of Canadian online projects and I must say that he is both technically astute and creative. That alone would be wonderful but in addition Jeff is also a good listener and takes / interprets a brief very, very well.

All that being said - he's also a really nice guy. So all in all, a pleasure to work with and he produces a great creative product."

Kim, Quality Assurance Analyst
"Jeff is always a pleasure to work with. He has a professional and kind demeanor. He strives to get his work done accurately and on time. He follows up and follows through on his deliverables."

"Jeff is an excellent photographer and graphic artist. He has demonstrated a strong understanding of web businesses and how to promote them.

Mike, DBA
"I highly recommend Jeff to anyone who needs help with starting a new e-business or expanding an existing one."

Matt, PaddleQuest CEO
"Jeff was the perfect PaddleQuest photographer. He showed up early, took both video and still photos with ease from a boat (inherently dangerous) and truly captured the spirit of the event. People really liked having him as part of the event and truly enjoyed his work.

I would recommend Jeff for anyone looking for a reliable and skilled event photographer/videographer."

"When my Mother passed away in May 2010, Jeff put together a truly lovely video collage of pictures and music that I selected. He also did it on rather short notice and he was very easy to work with. My entire family really enjoyed the tribute to my Mother and I appreciate the quality in Jeff's product."

Kevin, Executive Director
"I have worked with Jeff on a number of projects including producing a local TV commercial for one of my fund raising events as well as producing a promotional video for one of our programs. Jeff is always very creative, fun to work with, and really has a knack for interpreting and understanding the vision for each of our projects which ultimately saves time and energy. I would recommend Jeff for a variety of your creative services needs - photography, video, web, etc"

Tom, Vice President of Operations
"Jeff does a great job of working with our Sales and Marketing teams. He helps bring our ideas to life through his creativity and knowledge of technology. You can always count on Jeff to get the job done even when deadlines are tight. He is a true professional and understand what it is to be part of a team that produces astonishing results."